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We take immense pride in our roots in Tanzania, and our passion extends beyond adventure. With every Kilimanjaro expedition, we create local employment opportunities, supporting the communities that have enriched our lives. By choosing ERETOTO, you are not only embarking on a journey of a lifetime but also making a tangible difference in the lives of those who call these lands their home.


Visit the orphanage in Arusha. Your visit will not only offer relaxation before or after your climb but also a chance to bring smiles to children who have faced adversity. We consider donating to support them. 


Depart from your accommodation and head to the orphanage center. Upon arrival, meet with staff members and the children, and familiarize yourself with the center’s activities and guidelines. Engage with the children through various activities such as playing games, reading stories, or doing art and crafts.


Share a meal with the children and staff, experiencing local cuisine and further bonding.
Take a guided tour of the facilities to learn more about the center’s operations and ongoing projects.


Distribute any donations you’ve brought and discuss further ways to support the center’s work. Participate in group activities with the children, such as singing, dancing, or playing sports. Bid farewell to the children and staff, expressing gratitude for the experience before departing from the orphanage center and returning to your accommodation.

Feel free to contact us to arrange this memorable experience.